Saturday, 17 September 2011

Random Playlist

It's Friday, it's 17:59, and I've just had a really cool but bizarre idea - I'm going to write down every single random song that comes into my head over the next 24 hours (and what triggered it, if anything). Well, it's actually something I've been thinking about for a while, but that was before I had a public forum once more for such crazy ideas!

  • So, the first one, about 10 mins ago, was Uptown Girl (the cool Billy Joel version, luckily, not the yucky cover!) - it took me 5 or so mins to realise I was humming it and I've no idea how long it was in my head for or why it suddenly appeared! Last time I heard or thought about it? Several months ago!
  • Then, just now, I had I Hear You Knocking by Dave Edmunds. Now this one wasn't so random - it was a result of Vincent (the resident boyfriend/insane maker/sanity keeper) mentioning that he was off out to the supermarket and would be back in a jiffy, so to check the postbox in 1/2 hour... I said "no" (because I thought the joke was terrible) and this song was the first thing that sprung to mind in response!
  • 18:38 and Somewhere Over the Rainbow has made its return. I suppose it had to, really. I think it's the song that's had the biggest impact on my day so far.
  • It's now 22:18 and, after starting to learn the Sherlock theme tune (the faster bit, but obviously not quite as fast as this - to cut a long story short, someone mentioned on Twitter they were learning it on piano and gave me a link to the sheet music! Huzzah! Just had to write in sensible chords for accordion (which was easy, just had to think!)), I then thought of other detective series... Namely, Poirot! So, I now have Poirot theme stuck in my head. As I can't find music online, will have to play around this weekend... Perhaps... For added bonus, this video gets my inner geek grinning and giggling like a maniac!!
  • Just before I went to bed last night, at 23:07, I got Bad Case of Loving You by Robert Palmer stuck in my head. Seriously. Cool! But it was in relationship to Doctor Who... Ahem.
  • This morning woke up with the Poirot tune in my head again. It then preceded to change to the Sherlock theme, then to In Caelum Fero from Karl Jenkin's Adiemus (that might have something to do with the fact that we'll be starting to work on it today). Oh, and then, or now rather... Tarantella Napoletana (which, incidentally, I don't know from the Godfather but from a ceilidh band of the same name). These had no particular trigger other than my mind wandering!
  • 12:42 - not that long gotten in and we're back with In Caelum Fero once more in my head, most likely because it's what I was just playing with the accordion class less than an hour ago! There must have been 40 odd people in that room, or more... How on Earth??! If any more come along, we'll need a crowbar! Ahem, anyway... This is what my Saturday mornings are like - playing, feeling amazing after playing with such a big group (and feeling even more amazing now as I was mostly able to follow from the 1st and had the basics mostly by the end of the session!). There is nothing like it!
  • 16:09 - have just realised that I've had this song, The Fog on the Tyne (and specifically the Bruce Dickinson version, which I've linked to) stuck in my head for at least half an hour! Now this is true randomness (especially as I've no idea where it came from, why, or when it appeared!)! :D
  • It's now 18:15 and In Caelum Fero is back in my head, for an hour or so now (no idea when it reappeared - just randomly!). So... Perhaps I should have a little play before Doctor Who, whilst it's still fresh?

So, a day inside the music player in my head! :)

Which brings me around to another thought. It's interesting as well how certain songs have emotions attached to them. For instance, I had Starry Starry Night stuck in my head most of Thursday after it randomly popped in my head in the morning whilst waiting for everyone else to show up to class. Thinking about it, listening to it in my mind... It made me feel very sad for some reason. It doesn't normally have that effect on me! But there are some songs that actually have that effect on me all the time! I suppose with the majority of songs it actually depends on what I'm feeling at the time as well. On Thursday I did have a bad feeling about something (which has extended right through into today as well, with me still not having a clue as to what it's about!), so that might be possibly it. That gut churning just really really annoys me at times. I hope there's an answer to it soon...

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