Friday, 16 September 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

For random songs that just pop into your head, this is an interesting one, partly because it's not one I've listened to or heard for a long time, especially not the version that's just sprung up into my brain!

I know what caused it - it was me just now reading a tweet from Amanda Palmer that mentioned a ukulele. Now what normally springs to mind when reading or hearing about ukuleles, or even hearing them? Well, normally it isn't a version of a song that you heard on an advert for the last time more than three years ago!

For reference, here is the version I'm talking about (which I must admit I much prefer to the Eva Cassidy version):

Anyway, it got me thinking. Isn't it bizarre the way memories work, especially with regards to songs? Sometimes I repeat a particular action and I remember dancing or singing along to something the last time I did that. Particular people, for instance, I sometimes associate with specific songs, too (not everyone - I really hope people won't start asking me what "their song" is! I might start having to invent some... :P).

But all this thought brings me back around to another thought from another time. One thing I've always said is that there is a song or tune for every ocassion, every moment, and if I can't find one I'll write one! I could probably, if I tried hard enough, find something to go along with absolutely anything. Baking bread, for example - the first thing that springs to mind is Bad Moon Rising by Credence Clearwater Revival. Now that might not be overly appropriate (my bread isn't that bad!), but it's certainly making my YouTube listening interesting right now!

OK, OK, next subject! Right, now I have to think of something... *looks around desk quickly* Right, I have here an empty glass, a pen, a white-chocolate mouse... Right, mice! I have something for mice - Windmill in Old Amsterdam (which reminds me - I was dared to learn it and post a video about it... I will get around to it one day!).

I think that'll do for now. But, I suppose, if people fancy suggesting subjects, I might go on another wild whimsy...!

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